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Customer Delivery Exchange Agenda

Supply Chain 2025: Creating a Frictionless & Effortless Fulfillment in a New Age of Engagement
An Exclusive, Invitation-Only Event for 50 Senior Supply Chain Operations & Logistics Executives

In today’s world, customers are increasingly defining how companies structure their supply chain operations. They can now shop anytime and anywhere and choose how their orders will be fulfilled. Customers are armed with unmatched choices and channels which surfaces demands of retail cross-channel fulfillment and increased cost on logistics and transportation.

In light of these emerging retail fulfillment challenges, we present the Customer Delivery Exchange, an exclusive invitation only event. Take a look at the official agenda.

Exclusive Content

The Evolution of Packaging Delivery

Take a look at the evolution of packaging delivery below and see how delivery has emerged from snail mail to the swift delivery trend that consumers expect in today's global economy.

What is an Exchange?

New to an Exchange? Find out more about IQPC's Customer Management Practice and the Exchanges happening this year.

2017 Customer Delivery Exchange Advisory Board Think Tank - The Future of Customer Delivery

Reflecting the diversity of the agenda, we are thankful for the support of our advisory board. The board is integral to the development and execution of the event, supporting the strategic positioning of the brand and advising as to the content and participants that matter most. Take a firsthand glance throughout this e-book as the Advisory Board discusses what the future holds within Customer Delivery.

Customer Delivery Exchange Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Interested to see who will be in attendance at Customer Delivery Exchange? Take a look at the 2017 Anticipated Attendee Snapshot to see the leaders that will be in attendance.

Customer Delivery Exchange - In the News

Traditional supply chain models will be extinct in 2025, according to the 100-plus thought leaders and partners behind the U.S. Roadmap for Material Handling & Logistics. As we progress, it’s clear two things will drive omnichannel retail: consumers’ increasing desire to shop how they want, where they want and when they want and technology that allows businesses to deliver on that experience. Let's take a look how the industry is set to shape its vital components through 2025.

Customer Delivery Exchange - Speaker Fun Facts

It's Not Always Business- Get To Know Some of Our Speaker Faculty a Little More Personally!

Customer Delivery Exchange Session Infographic

We identified key challenges today’s supply chain operations, logistics and fulfillment executives are faced with through extensive research and speaking with our retail community. The Customer Delivery Exchange agenda has been built to answer your top challenges