Become a Solution Provider at Customer Delivery Exchange

As an invitation-only meeting, Customer Delivery Exchange will provide an intensive business development opportunity for innovative solution providers.

As a solution provider, in just a few days out of the office you will fast track new business, develop industry knowledge and build your network of top level contacts from the brands you want to meet. The Exchange format has proven results and consistently delivers, and will fundamentally change the way you perceive event marketing.

Why you should attend:

Meet seniors with a need for your solution

Exchange attendees are diligently interviewed and carefully selected to attend based on their company size, seniority, available budget for new solutions and timelines for selecting new vendor partners on an invite-only basis. Executives attend with the objective of meeting selected solution providers to start the due diligence process. In

In depth attendee profiling

Attendees can only register by speaking directly to a member of the Exchange team who will qualify their suitability for a delegate place using an in-depth profiling form, detailing their reporting structure, strategic priorities and buying requirements. This unparalleled business insight is used to match buyers with the most relevant suppliers, and is shared with sponsors of meetings packages prior to and on-site at the Exchange. 30 minute, private

30 minute, private business meetings

The one-to-one business meeting element of an Exchange gives you 30 minutes of exclusive, uninterrupted time with qualified senior executives. Spend this time forging new and lasting partnerships with senior leaders who want to know more about products and solutions like yours.

Let us shorten your business development cycle by giving you the opportunity to:

  1. Conduct 10 or 20 business meetings in a private, relaxed setting, where delegates are open to discussing their greatest priorities and challenges, all in just 2 or 3 days out of the office
  2. Know who you are meeting weeks in advance so you have ample time to tailor your solution and message for each organization, meaning conversations are fast tracked, informed and productive
  3. Bypass the bureaucracy that makes up any large company by putting senior members of your business development team in front of executives who can either make investment decisions directly, or who are part of their organization’s decision making unit
  4. The whole process is effortless so you can just focus on doing business, and spend less time and money on lead generation.

A Non-Outsourced Customer Management Team.

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