Do I Qualify to attend the Exchange?

Today the bar has been raised and companies must respond to the likes of Alibaba, Amazon, and Wal-Mart through creating a competitive supply chain. It is clear that companies must not only be able to compete with these titans but get ahead in order to achieve profitability and sustainability.

Heads of the Supply Chain Operation will be attending from leading retailers and companies. We qualify all attendees on job function and strategic responsibility to ensure you’re guaranteed to meet and engage with an elite group of operations, logistics, fulfillment, transportation and distribution leaders.

Do you qualify to attend?

Every attendee must have an active project within their retail supply chain function, and must meet the following criteria in order to gain an invitation:

  • My company’s annual revenue is $1 billion or above.
  • I have a personal budget of more than $5 million+ for external solutions.
  • I sit in the C-suite or report directly to the C-suite.
  • I have an active requirement for business solutions within the next 0-18 months.

If you haven’t yet received an invitation yet but feel you qualify to attend or want additional information, please contact us today:

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